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Why CDC?

Laser Dentistry

Enjoy modern dentistry with lasers! No drills, and no pain.

In House OPG

A modern Digital - Xray unit is available to give a precise image with less radiation when compared to the other OPG machines. It is a Wide view X-ray of the lower face which displays the teeth, bones of The upper - lower Jaws.

Surgical microscope

To do Precise treatment under enlargement.

Power Teeth Whitening

Compared to other teeth whitening methods such as laser whitening and custom impression tray whitening, light accelerated power whitening produces superior results in a shorter amount of time and at lower cost.

Minor Operation Theatre

The center has a minor operation theatre to undergo treatments, under local Anaesthsia and sedation. The Operation Theatre Covers sterlization and disinfection protocols

Intra oral camera

It is a device, which will help the patient to see their own teeth in the screen and to know the pre treatment condition of the teeth / tooth and post treatment condition of the teeth / tooth.

Experienced facultys

Here in chennai dental centre, We have the best of faculty. Every member of our staff is an experienced, qualified, professional whose first and fore most job is to help and then to make the patient aware of how best to care for your teeth and prevent dental diseases.

High end sterilization

All the instruments are sterilized by auto clave which is a specialized sterilization devices used to sterilize that instrument 100% free of organisms. The instruments are packed in a sealed pouch which has an indicator, the color of the indicator changes after sterilization, by this way the instruments are free of organisms till they are used in the patient. The centre ensures that all safety measures for preventing cross infection/contamination from patient to patient are taken.

Kids play Area

The center provides contrast color full play area for kids.

An Iso 9001-2008 certified centre

ISO - The International Organization for Standards this ensures the quality contorl and management in our clinics being performed at the highest standards. ISO - Certification gives you more reason to the trust our clinics as they are accredited by international organization recognized world Wide.